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We make sure you stay ahead of the curve with premium laser and motion technologies. With a focus on laser process applications, our commitment to precision is a promise. Rely on our experienced team of engineers to kickstart your next R&D project or to co-design custom solutions.

Markets & industries

Advanced Laser Machining

Distinguish yourself from the competition with Orion’s flexible production stations, intuitive machine operation and integrated quality control. Our creative concepts are a reliable solution for high-precision manufacturing and research applications. We serve clients that require the highest level of quality and precision.

Precision in our DNA

Key System Benefits

Orion’s technology is tailored to the machining of advanced technical materials. Due to our extensive knowledge on ultra-precision motion systems and laser processes, we can deliver fast operation speeds under heavy load and yet maintain the highest level of accuracy during laser processing.


Application tailored process development


Nesting on big plates


Freedom in design


Low production and operation costs


Inhouse bearing, motor & control technology

Our approach

Total Process Realisation

Turnkey Concepts

We focus on complete production lines that fully unburden our clients. We integrate the stations into your pre-existing setups and oversee the manufacturing of a controlled end product. All surrounding side processes will be handled: logistics, conveyor belts, robot (un)loading, stacking, …

Operator Friendly

Production training for operating staff is provided after station integration. We take pride in our user-friendly operating panels. They are easy to handle, eliminating mistakes and providing a safe and ergonomic working environment for you colleagues.

Accuracy & Stability

To achieve the right performance and process stability, we rely on inhouse developed and produced bearing and gantry technology. This ensures world-class precision, up to nano-level accuracy. We guarantee a reliable process featuring production control and product traceability.

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