Laser machining

Orion Laser Tech increases the quality of your end product dramatically. With industrial laser technology combined with world class motion systems, our equipment delivers high quality end products that can be clearly distinguished from mechanical machining. There are few shape or form restrictions. By enabling flexible positioning of the laser head, we ensure complete design freedom in both 2D and 3D. Furthermore, your machining station is virtually maintenance-free as laser machining is a ‘dry process’. No water use, no dust and no flakes, lowering maintenance and operation costs.
We take great pride in our world class positioning technology, made possible by inhouse developed and produced motion systems. We provide tailor made stations, increasing your work surface and allowing for nesting. This enables you to reduce residual waste to a minimum and to eliminate several intermediate steps in your production process.

by Orion Laser Tech

Wide range of processes

Orion Laser Tech production lines are equipped with a wide range of laser machining processes. We focus primarily on advanced material processing for the glass industry on an industrial level. All types of lasers are possible. Moreover, with our own laboratory we can offer support in testing and validating the desired production process for our clients.

Our laser technology offers distinct advantages over mechanical machining and other classic laser machining systems. By using ultra-short laser pulses we are able to realize high quality end products on an industrial scale.


Various coatings are precisely removed by laser (up to a width of 20 micrometres), to create microchannels that are invisible to the human eye. Consider the decoating of glass plates to create invisible electric channels to control LED’s and sensors. This technique has great benefits to clients in the automotive industry (innovation in dashboards, windshields, mirrors) and construction markets (interior and exterior displays).


Consecutive ultra-short laser pulses are fired in a specific pattern. With this process, a precise cutting edge with unprecedented edge quality is produced. All designs and shapes are possible, including internal contours. Think of dashboard consoles, windows and mirrors, …


Laser pulses can completely remove the material locally. This can be used to drill glass with extremely low wall taper and little to no micro cracks. Beyond drilling of holes, any cut-out shape is also possible.


Laser machining generally eliminates chamfering because the end product already has smooth cutting edges. However, for cosmetic reasons or safety applications additional chamfering can be provided. Consider windows, mirrors or glass surfaces in the automotive industry.



Dry process, no fluids used


Less material waste


Nesting on big plates


Complex geometries in 2D and 3D


Processing speeds of 1000 mm/s and higher


Lower operation costs


Pristine cosmetic quality


Every process is a tailored design


No need for post processing


No material damage, no cracks

Micro positioning

High-precision motion technology

As a division of Leuven Air Bearings NV, the Orion team is backed by over 15 years of experience in development and production of high-precision air and ball bearing systems. We take great pride in our ultra-precision motion technology (up to nanometre accuracy). It allows us to ensure fast operation speeds under heavy load and to maintain the highest level of accuracy during laser processing. We offer cutting-edge bearing technology, high-performance direct drives, servo drivers, high-accuracy positioning feedback and integrated motion control. Looking for rotary, linear or multi-axis systems? Orion Laser Tech combines laser technology and precision motion technology into a turnkey laser application process.


We are experienced in different types of glass. Even extremely thin layers of glass (30 µm) are possible. Processing speeds can reach up to 1000 mm/s, while always maintaining superb quality. This ensures maximum output and yield in high volume production cycles, like display production.


Trust our experienced team of engineers to realise custom innovations in your process. Our approach ensures we jointly come to a unique solution tailored to your needs. Working with Orion Laser Tech will offer you new insights on possibilities to make future innovations. Together we will innovate to transform your glass processing into a better version of itself and stay one step ahead of the market.

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