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Years of experience in laser machining and high-precision positioning have been combined in Orion Laser Tech. Based on a profound knowledge of motion technology and system control, we work alongside our customers on challenging R&D projects and custom production processes. We mainly serve clients that demand a high level of quality and precision, focusing primarily on advanced laser processing systems.

Our commitment to precision and innovation isn’t a mantra, it’s a promise. Let our creative machine concepts contribute to your effectiveness and quality. We will make sure you stay ahead of the curve with premium laser and motion technologies, flexible production stations, intuitive machine operation and integrated vision solutions.

Our approach

The Orion team goes to extraordinary lengths to deliver a tailored solution that defies expectations. Starting with technical analyses and advice, to concept development up to well organised commissioning and after-sales services. Close collaboration with our clients is key, as we take pride in a personal and caring approach, which has led to several in-depth contacts and collaborations over the years. The whole team is closely involved from concept engineering to production start-up.

We focus on complete production lines that fully unburden our clients. We integrate the stations into your pre-existing setups and oversee the manufacturing of a controlled end product. Production training for operating staff is also provided after station integration, eliminating mistakes and providing a safe working environment for you and your colleagues.

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