Markets and industries

We serve markets that require a high level of quality. With a strong focus on advanced laser production processes, Orion Laser Tech is the ideal partner for automotive, construction and other industries.

Bird-friendly glass

Experience the future of bird-friendly glass innovation, designed for glass processors and glass manufacturers. Our laser systems deliver precision patterns and superior aesthetics.Choose sustainability for the planet and industry without compromising on quality.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry has increasingly been adopting laser machining in the manufacturing of glass parts. This provides more design freedom to engineers, allowing them to distinguish the brand with innovative interior and exterior ideas. Meanwhile, consumers expect the same level of flexibility and simplicity as their smartphones in future car consoles.

Orion Laser Tech provides new tools to create these gear shifting innovations, bringing technology and emotion closer to the driver than ever before. A new level of freedom in production capabilities will result in unseen aesthetics, unparalleled driver comfort and the opportunity to merge the beauty of the car’s exterior into its interior finish.

Construction and building industry

Laser opens a myriad of possibilities in glass shapes, markings, and mirrors. Our eco-friendly ‘dry process’ is cost-effective, with diverse laser processes and unrivaled precision. Orion also has specific experience in applying markings that turn glass into bird-friendly glass. We’re the top choice for cutting-edge glass applications.

Glass displays

Our laser stations are perfect for manufacturing displays with high-end specs. All shapes are possible, in 2D or 3D, alongside other innovations like small in-glass LED applications and integration of circuit boards into the glass surface. Laser machining guarantees a premium finish on all end products, while also enabling micro-level surface treatments and micro detail processing for mass production. Think of touchscreens, smartphones, dashboards (cars, aeroplanes, space), building facades, interior displays, …


Custom solutions

Rely on our experienced team of engineers to kickstart your next R&D project or to co-design custom solutions. Orion Laser Tech has proven to be the right partner to translate your abstract ideas into feasible concepts and reliable prototypes. By handling an approach of 80% standard design and 20% specialised design, we make sure to always meet the demands and expectations of our clients both in quality and timing. All of our solutions are plug-and-play, giving you the flexibility to move your Orion station to another facility, completely or partially as part of an upgrade.

Our clients

We serve a worldwide client base, united in a positive outlook towards the future and a strong sense for innovation. Our clients are continuously on the lookout for opportunities to optimise their existing production processes. They stay on the forefront of high-end manufacturing with a mission to efficiently and reliably produce an end product that meets the highest quality requirements. With our production facility in Belgium we support customers all over the world and guarantee their global productivity with smart and reliable high-precision solutions.

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